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Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.0.6 Released 1999/11/14 03:27
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CaesarCipher Function, CaesarCipherSample Sub, CaesarCipherTest Sub, CalculatorWindowHelp Sub, Calendar Function, CanBeBoolean Function, CanBeByte Function, CanBeCurrency Function, CanBeDate Function, CanBeDecimal Function, CanBeDouble Function, CanBeInteger Function, CanBeLong Function, CanBeSingle Function, CapitalizeLike Function, Cat Sub, CatLine Sub, CBoolIgnErr Function, CByteIgnErr Function, CCurIgnErr Function, CDateIgnErr Function, CDblIgnErr Function, CDecIgnErr Function, Ceiling Function, CeilingVerify Sub, CGIToHTML Function, CharacterArrays Class Contents, CharacterArrays Class Declarations, CharacterCountsToVariantVector Function, CharacterEveryNthCharacter Function, CharacterEveryNthCharacterSample Sub, CharacterPositionsArray Function, CharactersNotInString Function, CharactersToSQLInExpression Function, CharacterTableAlphanumeric Property, CharacterTableDecimal Property, CharacterTableHexadecimal Property, CharacterTypes Class Contents, CharacterTypes Class Declarations, CharToOem Function, ChebychevT Function, Checksum16 Function, Checksum16File Function, Checksum32 Function, Checksum32File Function, Checksum8 Function, Checksum8File Function, Checksums Class Contents, Checksums Class Declarations, ChecksumX Function, ChecksumXFile Function, Chi Function, ChiSquareCDF Function, ChiSquareInverse Function, ChiSquarePDF Function, ChiSquareRandom Function, ChiTst Function, ChiTstVerify Sub, ChiVerify Sub, CHU Function, CIntIgnErr Function, CircleCalc Function, Class_Initialize Sub, Class_Terminate Sub, ClearAll Sub, ClearPrefixes Sub, ClearReplacements Sub, ClearUnits Sub, ClipboardToString Function, CLngIgnErr Function, CoDecs Class Contents, CoDecs Class Declarations, CodesCiphers Class Contents, CodesCiphers Class Declarations, CoerceBooleanToInteger Function, CoerceCurrencyToDouble Function, CoerceDoubleToCurrency Function, CoerceIntegerToBoolean Function, CoerceLongToSingle Function, CoerceMake Class Contents, CoerceMake Class Declarations, CoerceSingleToLong Function, CoerceToBoolean Function, CoerceToBooleanFast Function, CoerceToByte Function, CoerceToByteFast Function, CoerceToCurrency Function, CoerceToCurrencyFast Function, CoerceToDate Function, CoerceToDateFast Function, CoerceToDouble Function, CoerceToDoubleFast Function, CoerceToInteger Function, CoerceToIntegerFast Function, CoerceToLong Function, CoerceToLongFast Function, CoerceToSingle Function, CoerceToSingleFast Function, CoerceToVarType Function, CoerceTwoBytesToInteger Function, CoerceTwoIntegersToLong Function, CoerceTwoLongsToDouble Function, Combinations Function, CombinationsWithRepetitions Function, CombineDriveAndPath Function, CombineOverlappingWords Function, CombinePathAndFile Function, CombinePrefixAndExtension Function, CommentFile Function, CommentFileSample Sub, Comments Property, CompanyName Property, Compare Property, Compare Property, Compare Property, CompareCoerceDataType Function, CompareExactDataType Function, CompareFiles Function, CompareLikeDataType Function, CompareLikeDataTypeFast Function, CompareStrings Function, Comparisons Class Contents, Comparisons Class Declarations, ComplexNumbersBenchmark Sub, ComplexStringToReals Function, ComposeCharacter Function, ComposeCharacterSample Sub, CompressSpaces Function, CompressString Function, ConcatAllTypes Sub, ConcatInit Sub, ConcatIsNumeric Sub, ConcatNumeric Sub, ConcatNumericAndString Sub, ConcatTerm Sub, ConeCalc Function, Conj Function, Contact Property, ContactingEntisoftHelp Sub, ContinuedFraction Function, Contract Property, ContrastStrings Function, ConvertMeasure Function, ConvertSimple Function, ConvertSpecial Function, ConvertSpecialSample Sub, ConvertString Function, ConvertTest Function, ConvertTextFilesTest Function, ConvertToBaseUnits Property, ConvertToExpr Function, ConvertValues Class Contents, ConvertValues Class Declarations, CopyFile Function, CopyFileAlgorithm Function, CopyFileAlgorithmSample Sub, CopyFileBlock Function, CopyFileBlockSample Sub, CopyFileSample Sub, CopyFilesRenamingDuplicates Function, CopyFilesRenamingDuplicatesSample Sub, CopyFilesToSubDirectories Function, CopyFilesToSubDirectoriesSample Sub, CopyrightWarning Property, CopyVariantArray Function, CopyVariantArrayDirect Function, CopyVariantCube Function, CopyVariantCubeDirect Function, CopyVariantMatrix Function, CopyVariantMatrixDirect Function, CopyVariantVector Function, CopyVariantVectorDirect Function, Correlation Function, Cosec Function, Cosecant Function, CosH Function, Cosine Function, Cotan Function, Cotangent Function, CotH Function, Count Property, Count Property, Count Property, Count Function, Count Property, Count Property, CountCharacters Function, CountEqual Function, CountLeadingStrings Function, CountLines Function, CountOverlappingMatches Function, CountStrings Function, CountTrailingStrings Function, CountWords Function, CouponCount Function, CouponCountTest Sub, CouponDays Function, CouponDaysAfterSettlement Function, CouponDaysAfterSettlementTest Sub, CouponDaysBeforeSettlement Function, CouponDaysBeforeSettlementTest Sub, CouponDaysTest Sub, CouponDaysThreeWayTest Sub, CouponDaysVerify Sub, CouponDaysVerifyOne Sub, Covariance Function, CRC32File Function, CRC32FileSample Sub, CRC32String Function, CreditsHelp Sub, CryptoAlphabet Property, CscH Function, CSngIgnErr Function, CType Property, CTypeANSI Property, CTypeUSASCII Property, Cube Property, CubeCalc Function, CubeRoot Function, CubicExpr Function, CubicRoot Function, CubicRootBenchmark Sub, CubicRootSample Sub, CumulativeInterestPayment Function, CumulativePrincipalPayment Function, CurrencyConversionsHelp Sub, CVarIgnErr Function, CVDateIgnErr Function, CylinderCalc Function

This Windows-based ActiveX DLL provides many useful routines through its function-bearing and data structure classes. Consult the Help file for more information, or call us at 1-310-472-3736. For the latest news and files, visit our home page on the World Wide Web: http://www.entisoft.com

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