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Copy Variant Vector Direct Function
Array Manipulations Class

Public Function CopyVariantVectorDirect( _
      ByRef rTo() As Variant _
    , ByRef vFm() As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Copy a one-dimensional Variant array to another Variant array.
Direct-copy version of CopyVariantVector.

     rTo          vFm
    +----+       +----+
    | 12 | <---- | 12 |
    +----+   OR  +----+
    | WV |   +-- | WV | <-+
    +----+   |   +----+   |
             |            |
       Static avarIn(0 To 45) As Variant
       avarIn(1) = "Smith"
       Dim avarOut() As Variant
    for example
       CopyVariantVectorDirect(avarOut(), avarIn()) = True
See also:
    CopyVariantVector Function (indirect-copy version)
    CopyVariantArrayDirect Function (more flexible version)
    CopyVariantMatrixDirect Function (for two-dimensional arrays)
    CopyVariantCubeDirect Function (for three-dimensional arrays)
rTo: Destination array that will receive a copy of array vFm. This function will attempt to re-dimension rTo so that it has the same dimensions as vFm. It will ignore errors during that re-dimension so that rTo can be a Static array. If rTo is Static, it must be one-dimensional and have the same upper and lower bounds as vFm.
vFm: The one-dimensional array of Variants that will be copied to rTo. vFm can be either Static or dynamic. If vFm is dynamic, it must be dimensioned before being passed to this function.
Warning: Function assumes that rTo and vFm are different arrays. If they are not, and if vFm/rTo is dynamic, then the contents of vFm will be lost.
Return value: Function currently returns True in all cases.
v1.2 Change: Changed to allow rTo to be Static by making the function ignore errors that occur while re-dimensioning the destination array rTo.

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