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Calculator Window Help Sub
Units Class

Warning: This information applies to the Entisoft Units Windows Executable Program.
The Calculator Window converts measurements from one unit to another. Enter the measurement expressions into the Convert From and Convert To boxes. The Convert From box accepts any of the types measurement expressions described in the Overview. The Convert To box accepts similar measurement expressions, except that they cannot contain a numeric component.
The following options control the display of results in the Result box:
       Options menu Result Types item:
When checked, all user input and calculated results are shown with the physical measurements that they represent. For example, any measurements of the form "length per time" (e.g. "miles per hour") are described as "speed".
       Options menu Result Verbose item
When checked, the units mentioned in all input and result expressions are enumerated. For example, the program will tell you that "kg*m^2" was interpreted as "kilogram meter^2"
       Options menu Result in Base Units item
When unchecked, any remaining units are returned in the standard SI units for the physical measurement. For example, measurements of energy such as "kilowatt hours" are displayed in joules (the SI unit of energy). When checked, results are displayed in terms of the fundamental base units (kilograms, meters, seconds, amperes, etc.)
The result window changes colors to indicate when units are matched or mismatched or when there is an error.
       It is cyan when no measurement expressions have been entered.
       It is red when an error has occurred or one of the named units is unknown.
       It is green when both measurement expressions represent the same type of physical measurement.
       It is yellow when the two measurement expressions represent different types of physical measurements.
The results are formatted as appropriate to show as much information as possible within the current size of result window. Results are calculated and displayed as soon as there is a pause in your typing--no need to press {Enter} to perform the calculation.

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