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Units Class

Plural/Singular Forms: Entisoft Units searches for unit definitions using the non-plural form of those names which may be plural. For example, a search for "Newtons" would first look for "Newtons" then look for "Newton" when that is not found.
Case-sensitivity: Entisoft Units first tries to match each unit name using exact capitalization, then it tries to find a match using a case-insensitive search. For example, a search for "newton" would first look for "newton" then look for a unit whose capitalized name is "NEWTON".
Overloaded Names: Entisoft Units contains some definitions whose abbreviations are the same. In such cases, the abbreviations are capitalized differently. For example, within the SI system, "rad" is defined as an abbreviation for radians. Therefore, within this program, rads of absorbed dose are identified as "Rad".
Prefixes and/or Units: Entisoft Units recognizes any combination of known prefixes and/or units. It will recognize "kilometers" as a combination of the prefix "kilo" and the measurement "meters". It does NOT recognize more than one prefix so, for example, it would not recognize "kilokilometers" as another way to phrase "megameters".

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