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Currency Conversions Help Sub
Units Class

Warning: This information applies to the Registered Version of Entisoft Units. See the Application Class for information about Entisoft Tools.
Identifying Currencies: Entisoft Units recognizes most international currencies by their full name (such as "Japanese yen" or "French franc") or the ticker symbol of their exchange rate (such as "XRJY" or "XRFF"). It also recognizes international currencies by their common name (like "yen" or "franc") except in some cases when several different countries use the same name.
Exchange Rates: The exchange rate data included in the supplemental data file is current as of 4/25/95. If you are interested in using Entisoft Units to perform currency conversions, you will have to provide the current exchange rate data. You can supply this data in the form of a text file having the same format as the supplemental data file. You can also supply this data by calling the appropriate Entisoft Units functions.
Note about UK Pounds: UK Pounds (a unit of currency) cannot be abbreviated "pound" because "pound" is a measurement for mass (weight) in the English (FPS) system.
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