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Supplemental Data File Help Sub
Units Class

Warning: This information applies to the Registered Version of Entisoft Units. See the Application Class for information about Entisoft Tools.
The registered/commercial version of Entisoft Units contains a supplemental data file with over 1,000 additional electrical, chemical, physical, and other constants. The supplemental data file is a text file. It contains the definitions in the form of function calls to the Entisoft Units functions responsible for adding new definitions to the program. This file can be read directly by the stand-alone program, or it can be embedded into source code. It currently contains definitions for the following measurements:
       Chemical Elements
          Atomic Number
          Visual Basic data type storage lengths
          Visual Basic data type value ranges
          Exchange Rates as of 4/25/95
          Ticker Symbols for Exchange Rates
          Pictures on US Bills
          Names of US Coins
          Slang for US Currency
          (See also Currency Conversions)
          Frequency Classifications
          Television (TV) Channel Sound and Picture Frequencies
          Miniature Lamp Voltages
          Miniature Lamp Currents
          Wire diameters
          (See also Resistor Color Codes)
          Piano Key Frequencies
          Sound Intensities
          Drill Sizes
          Nail Sizes
          Shotgun Bore Sizes
          (See also Temperature Conversions)
          Beaufort Scale (Average Wind Speeds)
          Rain Intensities
          Compass Points (N, E, NE, NNE, etc.)

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