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Combinations With Repetitions Function
Math Probability Class

Public Function CombinationsWithRepetitions( _
      ByVal vNumber As Variant _
    , ByVal vChosen As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Combinations of N things taken C at a time, WITH repetitions.

Summary: Function returns the number of possible ways of arranging C objects chosen from N objects when the order of the chosen objects does not matter (such as in playing card games) and when the same object can be chosen multiple times (unlike in most playing card games).
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(1, 1) = 1
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(2, 1) = 2
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(2, 2) = 3
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(4, 1) = 4
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(4, 2) = 10
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(4, 3) = 20
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(4, 4) = 35
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(21, 9) = 10015005
    CombinationsWithRepetitions(9, 21) = 4292145
See also:
    Combinations Function
    Permutations Function
    Factorial Function
vNumber: The number of non-unique items from which combinations can be constructed. Function returns Null if vNumber is Null, cannot be interpreted as a number, or is less than zero (<0). vNumber will be rounded down to the nearest integer.
vChosen: The number of items which are to be combined each time some are selected. Function returns Null if vChosen is Null, cannot be interpreted as a number, or is less than zero (<0). vChosen will be rounded down to the nearest integer.
Note: Function will return Null instead of generating an error if any of its calculations cause Overflow or other types of errors.
    Factorial(N + C - 1) / (Factorial(C) * Factorial(N - 1))
    Combinations(N + C - 1, C)
v1.5 Pro Note: The argument names and the implementation of this function has changed.

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