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C Type Property
Character Types Class

Public Property Get CType( _
    ) As Variant

Return the current character classification (CType) string.

    ? CType = CTypeANSI
See also:
    CTypeANSI Property
    CTypeUSASCII Property

Public Property Let CType( _
    ByVal vDescriptor As Variant _

"Initialize Character Types"
Initialize the character classification handling functions.

    CType = CTypeUSASCII
    CType = CTypeANSI
See also:
    CTypeANSI Property
    CTypeUSASCII Property
    IsAlpha Function, et. al.
vDescriptor: String containing Character Type Codes which describe the classification for characters within a specific character set, such as the ANSI Windows or US ASCII character sets. vDescriptor defaults to the descriptor string for the ANSI Windows character set if it is not a String. The character at each position describes the classification for the character whose ASCII value is one less than the number of the position--classification for character with ASCII value X is at Mid$(vDescriptor, X + 1, 1). The Character Type Codes are detailed in the Declarations help topic.
Note: The default character set is the Windows/ANSI character set, not the USASCII one as is standard with the C language C Type functions.
Note: This function is called automatically with the definitions for the Windows ANSI character set each time an instance of this Class is created.
Note: If the descriptor string does not contain a Character Type Code for each character whose ASCII value is between 0 (zero) and 255, then those characters with missing definitions are assigned to the "None" classification.

v1.2 Change: When a classification character is unrecognized, the program now assumes ctCharTypeNone instead of stopping.

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