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Convert String Function
Units Class

Public Function ConvertString( _
    ByVal vExpression As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Convert Measurement String" Perform the measurement conversion described by the string argument. Parse a string like "5 ft to in" and pass it to the Convert function. Accepts strings of the form "5 ft to in", "ft^2 to in^2", "5 in", and "in", etc.

Remarks: This function splits the vExpr string into its "from measurement" and "to measurement" components then passes those expressions on to the estConvert function for conversion.
Arguments: It expects to find strings of the form "34 feet to meters" When it does not find the phrase " to " in the string, it passes the string as the "from measurement" and passes an empty string as the "to measurement".
Return Value: Function returns Null when its argument is Null. Function returns the result from the call to the estConvert function otherwise.
    estConvertString("5 ft to in")
converts 5 feet to inches, returning 60. It is equivalent to the function call estConvert(5, "ft", "in")
    estConvertString("5 ft")
converts 5 feet to meters (the standard SI measurement for length) returning "1.524 m". It is equivalent to the function call estConvert(5, "ft", "")
See Also:
    estConvert Function

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