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Declarations Section
Comparisons Class

Functions that compare values (of possibly different types) and
functions that classify values.
Copyright 1998 Entisoft

See also:
    StringSearches Class
    CharacterTypes Class
    SortOrders Class
    ConvertValues Class
These functions perform various operations related to the Visual Basic data type of a value.
Compare: The Compare constants are for use with the Visual Basic InStr and StrComp functions, as well as the Entisoft Tools functions which perform string comparisons and sorts. All of the functions which have a Compare argument can accept one of the Compare constants as well as any of the dbSort constants defined in the GlobalConstants Class.
Length: The Length constants return the length required to represent a value with the specified Visual Basic data types.
CanBe: The CanBe functions determine if a value can be converted to the specified data type.
Is: The Is functions determine if the argument if of a specific numeric type, such as one that supports floating-point values.
VarType: The VarType functions convert between string data type names and the corresponding vb constant, and the VarTypeToLength function returns the number of bytes required to store a specific type of value.
Compare, Equal, Is, Like: These functions compare different types of values using various rules.

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