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Coerce To Date Fast Function
Coerce Make Class

Public Function CoerceToDateFast( _
    ByVal vString As String _
    ) As Date

"Coerce String To Date (Fast)"
Return the Date value whose in-memory representation is the same as the first eight characters in string vString.
Similar to the CVD function in earlier versions of Microsoft Basic except that the value is returned as Date instead of a Double.
Faster version of the CoerceToDate function which has restrictive argument types (to avoid argument fix-up overhead).

    CoerceToDateFast(Chr$(0) + Chr$(0) + Chr$(0) + Chr$(0) + Chr$(43) + Chr$(225) + Chr$(64)) = #4/5/1996#
See also:
    CoerceToDate Function
    MakeDateFast Function
    CoerceToDoubleFast Function
vString: The string whose first eight characters are to be interpreted as a Date value.
Note: Function does NOT generate an error if vString less than or greater than eight characters long.
Note: If vString is more than eight characters long, the leftmost eight characters are coerced to a Date value.

Note: This function first converts the string from Unicode to the default code page of the system.
v1.3 Change: Removed 16-bit support from this function.

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