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Coerce Currency To Double Function
Windows API Class

Public Function CoerceCurrencyToDouble( _
    ByVal vcurValue As Currency _
    ) As Double

Coerce a Currency value into a Double value.
Return the Double value whose bytes have the same in-memory representation as the Currency value vcurValue.
Inverse of the CoerceDoubleToCurrency Function.

    CoerceCurrencyToDouble(1) = 4.94065645841247E-320
    CoerceCurrencyToDouble(2) = 9.88131291682493E-320
    CoerceCurrencyToDouble(461168601842738.7904) = 2.0000000000001
    CoerceCurrencyToDouble(460718241880001.7408) = 1.00000000000002
See also:
    CoerceDoubleToCurrency Function
    MakeCurrency Function
    CoerceToDouble Function
Note: Similar to but faster than using the MakeCurrency and CoerceToDouble functions.

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