Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.0.6 Released 1999/11/14 03:27
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Application Class, Array Conversions Class, Array Manipulations Class, Array Others Class, Array Sorts Class, Basic Extensions Class, Bitwise Class, Character Arrays Class, Character Types Class, Checksums Class, Co Decs Class, Codes Ciphers Class, Coerce Make Class, Comparisons Class, Convert Values Class, Dates Times Class, Deque Class, File Names Class, File Operations Class, Fix Ups Class, Formats Justifies Class, Global Constants Class, Hash Table Class, Illustrate Values Class, List Class, Math Arithmetic Class, Math Complex Class, Math Engineering Class, Math Financial Class, Math Geometry Class, Math Miscellaneous Class, Math Probability Class, Math Reals Class, Math Statistics Class, Math Symbolic Class, Math Trig Complex Class, Math Trig Derived Class, Random Values Class, Sort Orders Class, Sparse Array Class, Spellings Class, Stack Class, String Extras Class, String Lists Class, String Manipulations Class, String Numerics Class, String Replacements Class, String Searches Class, String Words Class, Symbol Table Class, Units Class, Utilities Class, VB Source Link Class, VB Utilities Class, Windows API Class, Entisoft Tools Port Module

This Windows-based ActiveX DLL provides many useful routines through its function-bearing and data structure classes. Consult the Help file for more information, or call us at 1-310-472-3736. For the latest news and files, visit our home page on the World Wide Web:

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