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Declarations Section
Units Class

Measurement conversion function library also available separately as part of Entisoft Units.
Copyright 1998 Entisoft

Overview: Entisoft Units is a sophisticated measurement conversion calculator that recognizes an extensive set of over 800 conversion factors, prefixes, constants, abbreviations, and synonyms.
Natural Language Interface: Measurements are expressed in a form similar to algebraic expressions.
Depth of Coverage: Entisoft Units contains all of the important metric, SI, English, Avoirdupois, Troy, and ancient conversion factors. For example, converting "10 cups" to "liters" returns 2.37.
Combination of Units: Entisoft Units understands any combination of the known units and/or prefixes. For example, converting "45 ft*lbs/second^2" to "Newtons" returns 6.22.
Abbreviations and Synonyms: Entisoft Units knows the abbreviations, full names, and common synonyms for the conversion factors. For example, "kph" could be entered as "km/hr", "kmeters/hour", "kilometers per hour", etc.
Remaining Units: Entisoft Units returns the remaining units if the dimensions of the units do not match. For example, converting "12 Joules" to "N" (Newtons) returns "12 m" (meters).
Fractional Numbers: The functions understand numbers expressed in either decimal form or as fractions.
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Record the text of each index entry along with its sort key in this array. Number of entries currently in the above array.

Contents of columns in matrices used to sort unit definitions into display order. Column which contains the sort key; example "length ; foot" Column which contains the display data; example " foot = .3048 m (length)"

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