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Units Class

Warning: This information applies to "Entisoft Units" not "Entisoft Tools". See the Application Class for information about Entisoft Tools.
Executive Summary: To take full advantage of Entisoft Units, you need at least 8MB of RAM, Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0, Microsoft Access 2.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0, and Microsoft Project 4.0.
Stand-alone Program: To run the stand-alone program requires Microsoft Windows 95 or above with 8MB of RAM.
Visual Basic Version: To modify the stand-alone program required Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0. Either the Standard Version or the Professional Version of Visual Basic can be used since Entisoft Units does not use any custom controls.
Access Version: The Access Add-In requires Microsoft Access 2.0. We expect that Entisoft Units will work unchanged with Access for Windows 95. We have tested the program with pre-release versions of Access for Windows 95 and it essentially works, but an Access bug prevents the database file from being converted to the new database format. Microsoft has stated that they are working to correct this known problem before Access for Windows 95 is released.
Excel Version: The Excel Add-In requires Microsoft Excel 5.0 or above. It works unchanged with Excel for Windows NT and with pre-release versions of Excel for Windows 95. Most features are thought to work with Excel 5.0 for Macintosh.
Project Version: The Project version of Entisoft Units requires Microsoft Project 4.0. It works unchanged with pre-release versions of Project for Windows 95. Most features are thought to work with Project 4.0 for Macintosh.

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