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Average Strings Test Sub
String Numerics Class

Private Sub AverageStringsTest()
    ' Test of the AverageStrings function.

    Dim vIgnRtn As Variant
    vIgnRtn = TrueEveryNSeconds(0)

    Dim lngTrial As Long
    For lngTrial = 1 To 1000
        Dim strOne As String
        Dim strTwo As String
        Dim strResult As String
        strOne = RandomString(0, 64, EveryCharacter)
        strTwo = RandomString(0, 64, EveryCharacter)
        strResult = AverageStrings(strOne, strTwo, RandomIntegerWithinRange(True, False))

        If TrueEveryNSeconds(est.TestInterval) Then Exit For
    Next lngTrial
End Sub

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