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Average Strings Sample Sub
String Numerics Class

Private Sub AverageStringsSample()
    ' Generate some samples of the AverageString function.

    Dim strTry1 As String
    Dim strTry2 As String
    strTry1 = RandomString(32, 48)
    strTry2 = RandomString(32, 48)

    Dim intTruncate As Integer
    For intTruncate = True To False
        Debug.Print IllustrateCodeBelow(AverageStrings("SC", "SHk", intTruncate))
        Debug.Print IllustrateCodeBelow(AverageStrings("Steve", "Schmidt", intTruncate))
        Debug.Print IllustrateCodeBelow(AverageStrings(strTry1, strTry2, intTruncate))
    Next intTruncate
End Sub

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