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Program Window Help Sub
Units Class

Warning: This information applies to the Entisoft Units Windows Executable Program.
The Program Window accepts commands that do the following:
       * Add new unit definitions.
       * Add new prefix definitions.
       * Add new global text replacement definitions.
       * Load such definitions from text files.
       * Load the built-in definitions.
See the estConvertLoadMultipleLines function for details on the available commands. See also the estConvertAddUnit, estConvertAddPrefix, and estConvertAddReplacement functions which are the primary functions called by most programs.
Each command is written in the form of a call to one of the Visual Basic functions responsible for the corresponding operation. In this way, definitions can be copied from the supplemental data file into Program window and work unchanged. Each command should appear on a separate line. Lines which do not begin with the names of one of the recognized commands are silently ignored.
When the Program is blank, Entisoft Units will load the built-in unit, prefix, and global text replacement definitions. When the Program is non-blank, Entisoft Units will only load its built-in definitions if it encounters the estConvertAddBuiltIn command within the program.

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