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Definitions Window Help Sub
Units Class

Warning: This information applies to the Entisoft Units Windows Executable Program.
The Definitions window displays information about all of the currently-defined units, prefixes, and global text replacements. Several Options menu items control the content and format of this list:
       Format Index        Format definitions like the index of a book.
       Format Alpha        Format definitions in an alphabetical list.
       Format Descriptive  Format definitions as descriptive English sentences.
       By Name             List definitions by name.
       By Category         List definitions by category.
       Show Replacements   Include global text replacements in definitions display.
       Show Prefixes       Include prefixes within list.
       Show Units          Include non-Synonym and non-Category type unit definitions.
       Show Synonyms       Include Synonym-type unit definitions.
       Show Categories     Include Category-type unit definitions.
Double-click an entry in the list or press Enter with it highlighted to have that unit or prefix added to the most-recently-active box in the Calculator Window.
Note: Entisoft Units starts much faster when the Definitions window is closed.

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