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Deal Playing Card Decks Sample Sub
Math Probability Class

Private Sub DealPlayingCardDecksSample()
    ' Print a sample of the DealPlayingCardDecks function.

    Dim avarCards() As Variant
    ' Note: The call to the Visual Basic Rnd function seeds the Visual Basic
    ' random number generator so that the sample results can be reproduced.
    ' There is generally no need to call the Rnd function within your programs
    ' since Entisoft Tools initializes the Visual Basic random number generator
    ' once with "Randomize" statement.
    Dim varIgnore As Variant
    varIgnore = Rnd(-1)

    Dim intRtn As Integer
    intRtn = DealPlayingCardDecks(avarCards, 1, False)

    Debug.Print IllustrateVariantVector(avarCards)
End Sub

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Entisoft Tools is a trademark of Entisoft.