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Illustrate Variant Vector Function
Illustrate Values Class

Public Function IllustrateVariantVector( _
    ByRef vArray() As Variant _
    ) As String

Illustrates each of the elements of a one-dimensional array of Variants using the IllustrateValue function.

    For example
       Dim avarStuff() As Variant
       ReDim avarStuff(0 to 4)
       avarStuff(1) = "Line1" + vbCrLf + "Line2"
       avarStuff(2) = 23%
       avarStuff(3) = 23&
       avarStuff(4) = Null
       ? IllustrateVariantVector(avarStuff())
       0: (Empty)
       1: "Line1%013%010Line2" (String * 12)
       2: 23 (Integer)
       3: 23 (Long)
       4: Null (Null)
See also:
    IllustrateValue Function
Note: See the IllustrateValue function for more details about how various data types are illustrated.
vArray: The one-dimensional array of Variant values which is to be illustrated. Function examines each of the elements of vArray from its lower-bound to its upper-bound.

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