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Factor Matrix To Expr Function
Math Arithmetic Class

Public Function FactorMatrixToExpr( _
    ByRef vFC() As Variant _
    ) As String

"Factor Matrix To Algebraic Expression"
Convert an array of FactorCount elements into a printable string.
The FactorCount array represents the prime factors of a number along with the power of each factor.

       Dim avarFactors() As Variant
    for example
       FactorNumberToVariantMatrix(avarFactors(), 12345678) = True
       FactorMatrixToExpr(avarFactors()) = "2*3^2*47*14593"
See also:
    FactorNumberToExpr Function
    FactorNumberToVariantMatrix Function
vFC: The two-dimensional dynamic array of variants which contains the prime factors and factor counts. This two-dimensional array represents a table where the first dimension is the column and the second dimension is the row. The prime factors are stored in column #1, rFC(1, X), and the count of that factor is stored in column #2, rFC(2, X), where X represents the sequence of the prime factor within the list of all prime factors.

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