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Keys And Items Property
Hash Table Class

Public Property Get KeysAndItems( _
    ) As Variant()

Return all of the Keys and Items in a two-dimensional Variant array.
The Keys are returned in element 0 of the 1st dimension, and the Items are returned in element 1 of the 1st dimension.
The 2nd dimension is dimensioned between 1 and Count.

       Dim htTemp As New HashTable
       htTemp.Add "SubName", 23
       htTemp.Add "FunctionName", 24
       Dim avarTemp() As Variant
    for example
       avarTemp = htTemp.KeysAndItems
       avarTemp(0, 1) = "SubName"
       avarTemp(1, 1) = 23
       avarTemp(0, 2) = "FunctionName"
       avarTemp(1, 2) = 24
See also:
    Keys Property
    Items Property
v1.5 Addition: This property is new to version 1.5 of Entisoft Tools.

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