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Add Sub
Hash Table Class

Public Sub Add( _
      ByVal vKey As Variant _
    , ByVal vItem As Variant _

Add a new definition (Key and Item pair) into the hash table,
even if the Key is not unique.

       Dim htTemp As New HashTable
    for example
       htTemp.Add "FunctionName", 23
       htTemp.Add "FunctionName", 24
       htTemp.Count = 2
vKey: The String or numeric identifier associated with the item vItem.
vItem: Item that will inserted into the hash table along with its identifying Key. vItem can be any type of Variant value (vbString, numeric, vbDate, vbObject, vbArray, etc.).
See also:
    AddOrUpdate Method
    Update Method
    Lookup Method
    AddFromHashTable Method
v1.3 BugFix: This method has been fixed to support the storage of Object and DataObject type Items.

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