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Right Justify Truncate Fast Function
Formats Justifies Class

Public Function RightJustifyTruncateFast( _
      ByRef vValue As String _
    , ByVal vWidth As Long _
    ) As String

Right justify a string.
Undersized strings are left-padded with spaces.
Oversized strings have their left side truncated so that the result string always has length vWidth.
"Fast" function has restrictive argument types to avoid argument fix-up code.

    RightJustifyTruncateFast("This is a test.", 20) = "     This is a test."
    RightJustifyTruncateFast("This is a test.", 10) = "is a test."
See also:
    RightJustifyFast Function
    RightJustifyTruncateFillFast Function
    LeftJustifyTruncateFast Function
vValue: String which is to be right-justified.
vWidth: Length to which the string vValue will be space-filled or truncated.

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