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Is Floating Point Data Type Function
Comparisons Class

Public Function IsFloatingPointDataType( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Return True if the data type of the argument is capable of representing floating-point numeric values.
Function returns False otherwise.
More specifically, it considers the following data types to be floating-point numeric: Currency, Date, Decimal, Double, and Single.

    IsFloatingPointDataType(1234.56) = True
    IsFloatingPointDataType(#12/31/95#) = True
    IsFloatingPointDataType(34) = False
    IsFloatingPointDataType("A word.") = False
See also:
    IsWholeDataType Function
    IsNumber Function
vValue: Value whose data type is examined to see if can accept floating-point numeric values.
v1.5 Change: This function has been extended to support the new Decimal data type in VB 6.0.

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