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Integer Vector To String Asc Function
Character Arrays Class

Public Function IntegerVectorToStringAsc( _
    ByRef vChars() As Integer _
    ) As Variant

"Integer Vector To String ASCII"
Turns a one-dimensional array of Integers representing characters into a character string.

       Dim vChars() As Integer
       ReDim vChars(0 To 3)
       vChars(1) = Asc("A")
       vChars(2) = Asc("B")
       vChars(3) = Asc("C")
    for example
       IntegerVectorToStringAsc(vChars()) = "ABC"
See also:
    StringAscToIntegerVector Function
Note: The StringActToIntegerVector function has the opposite effect of IntegerVectorToStringAsc.

vChars: One-dimensional array of Integer values whose elements each contain the ASCII value for one character. Function examines elements from either 1 (one) or the lower bound (LBound(vChars)) (whichever is greater) to the upper bound (UBound(vChars)).

Function returns Null if the upper bound (UBound(vChars)) is < 1 (less than one).

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