Entisoft Tools "Top Twenty" Functions

Actually, just twenty functions from the Entisoft Tools library which WE use frequently
(in alphaberical order).

  1. AgeDifference: Return the difference in years between two dates (and optionally, two date/time values).
  2. ConvertMeasure: Convert measurements from one set of units to another (part of the Entisoft Units library).
  3. DictionaryOrder: Returns the dictionary order of the input phrase. The dictionary order of "The March" would be "March, The"
  4. DirToVariantVector: Reads the name of files from a directory into an array.
  5. FillText: Perform fill justification on a string containing a paragraph of text.
  6. FixUpVariantToStringSub: Convert a variant-type value into its string representation, and if that is not possible, set the variant to the supplied default value.
  7. FileLinesLikeToString: Returns a string containing all of the lines from some text file that match the specified LIKE expression.
  8. HashString: Return a number which represents the "hashed" value of a string; subsequent calls to the Hash function with the same string will always return the same numeric value.
  9. InStrCharacters: Return the position of any of the characters from one string within another string.
  10. Logarithm: Logarithm base X of Y for real and/or complex numbers.
  11. VBObjectBrowserInfoAdd: Adds the leading program comments from Visual Basic functions and subroutines so that it will appear within the Object Browser.
  12. RandomString: Returns a randomly-selected string within a specific length range and with characters from the specified alphabet.
  13. ReplaceString: Replace all occurrences of one string with another.
  14. SeparatePathAndFile: Separates the path (drive and directory specification) and name portions of a string that represents a filename.
  15. SortVariantMatrixRows: Uses a QuickSort to sort the rows of a two dimensional array given the numbers of the key columns.
  16. SpellCurrency: Spell a numeric amount in English words.
  17. StringToClipboard: Places a string onto the Windows Clipboard in Text format.
  18. StringToVariantVector: Parse a string given some token separator and place the results in an array.
  19. StripVBComments: Strips the comments from a string that represents a line of Visual Basic source code.
  20. WrapText: Wraps a paragraph of text by adding carriage return/newline or other line termination characters at specific intervals.

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