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Special Separators Property
String Words Class

Public Property Get SpecialSeparators() As String

Property whose Constant value contains the special character classification definitions used by functions like SummarizeText and SortWords.
The definitions in this string describe the characters in the ANSI Windows character set.

See also:
    SortWords Function
    SummarizeText Function
This string contains one character describing the classification for each character in the ANSI Windows character set. The character at position 1 (Mid$(SpecialSeparators, 1, 1)) describes Chr$(0), the character at position 2 describes Chr$(1), etc.
The special separators string can contain the following four characters:
    " " (space)  Character will be ignored within the function like SummarizeText.
    "A"          Character is alphabetic.  Alphabetic characters are collected into words.
    "0" (zero)   Character is numeric.  Number characters are collected into numbers.
    "S"          Character is a symbol which will be considered to form its own word.

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