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Characters To SQL In Expression Function
String Extras Class

Public Function CharactersToSQLInExpression( _
      ByVal vChars As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vQuoteChar As Variant _
    ) As String

Convert a string like ABC into a SQL WHERE IN expression.
Each unique character becomes a string within the IN expression.

    CharactersToSQLInExpression("ABC", "'") = "In ('A', 'B', 'C')"
    CharactersToSQLInExpression("A", "'") = "= 'A'"
    CharactersToSQLInExpression("A") = "= ""A"""
    CharactersToSQLInExpression("A'", "'") = "In ('A', '''')" ' #4
    CharactersToSQLInExpression("ABB", "'") = "In ('A', 'B')" ' #5
    CharactersToSQLInExpression(Null) = "Is Null"
See also:
    EgrepOrStringsToRegexPattern Function
    StringsToSQLBetweenExpression Function
vChars: String containing characters which are to be converted into a SQL WHERE IN expression. Function returns the string "Is Null" is vChars is Null.

vQuoteChar: String containing the character used to quote strings in the SQL expression where this function is used. vQuoteChar defaults to the double-quote character (") if it is missing or Null or cannot be fixed up to a String. If one of the characters within vChars is the quote character vQuoteChar, then that character will appear twice as in example #4.

Note: Duplicate characters within string vChars are ignored as in example #5.

Function returns a string containing an equals expression if the string vChars is either empty or only one character long.

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