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Bookmark From Long Function
String Extras Class

Public Function BookmarkFromLong( _
    ByVal vBookmark As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Bookmark From Long Integer" or "Long Integer To Bookmark"
Converts a long integer into the corresponding DAO "Bookmark" Property value.
"Bookmark" is a Recordset Property within the Data Access Objects (DAO) that acts as the placeholder for a specific record.
This is the inverse of the BookmarkToLong function.

    BookmarkFromLong(67305985) = Chr$(1) + Chr$(2) + Chr$(3) + Chr$(4)
    BookmarkToLong(-1073544703) = Chr$(1) + Chr$(2) + Chr$(3) + Chr$(192)
       Dim wsCur As Workspace
       Set wsCur = CreateWorkspace("Main", "Admin")
       Dim dbCur As Database
       Set dbCur = wsCur.OpenDatabase("C:\TEMP\SOMEDB.MDB")
       Dim rsCur As Recordset
       Set rsCur = dbCur.OpenRecordset("MSysObjects")
       Dim lngBookmark As Long
       lngBookmark = BookmarkToLong(rsCur.Bookmark)
    for example
       rsCur.Bookmark = BookmarkFromLong(lngBookmark)
See also:
    BookmarkToLong Function
    BookmarkFromString Function
vBookmark: Long integer value represents the value of the "Bookmark" property for some DAO Recordset. Function returns Null if vBookmark is Null or cannot be fixed up to a number.

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