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Spell Police Function
Spellings Class

Public Function SpellPolice( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As String

Spell a phrase using the police phonetic alphabet.

    SpellPolice("Ted 123") = "Tom Edward Mary   One Two Three"
See also:
    SpellPhonetic Function
    SpellNumber Function
Note: Function is pre-programmed with the phonetic spelling for the following characters:
    ,     Comma
    .     Period
    0..9  Zero..Nine
    A..Z  Adam..Zebra
The function adds a space between each of the characters which have a phonetic equivalent, and it replaces a single space with three spaces (two spaces plus the one-space character separator), so that word breaks can be easily identified in the result string.

vValue: The string containing the characters that are to be spelled using the police phonetic alphabet. Any characters other than those mentioned in the table above are ignored.

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