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Random Variant Function
Random Values Class

Public Function RandomVariant( _
    Optional ByVal vVarType As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Random Value" or "Random Value Of Type"
Returns a randomly-selected value of some type.
The type can be specified or it too will be selected randomly if not specified.

    ? Rnd(-1)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant())
    True (Boolean)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant())
    46 (Byte)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant())
    699 (Integer)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant())
    True (Boolean)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant())
    -854099670 (Long)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant(vbSingle))
    -1.255436E+38 (Single)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant(vbDate))
    10/16/9852 12:11:43 PM (Date)
    ? IllustrateDebug(RandomVariant(vbString))
    "v^N ^Q%140" (String * 11)
Note: The call to the Visual Basic Rnd function in the above example seeds the Visual Basic random number generator so that the sample results can be reproduced. There is generally no need to call the Rnd function within your programs since Entisoft Tools initializes the Visual Basic random number generator once with "Randomize" statement.
See also:
    RandomString Function
    RandomLongWithinRange Function, et. al.
    IllustrateDebug Function
    RandomVariantSample Subroutine
vVarType: The numeric constant which represents a specific Visual Basic data type. vVarType should either be 1) the value of one of the Visual Basic vb constants that represents a data type if the function is to return a random value of that type, or 2) missing or Null in which case the function will randomly select the type of value to return as well.

Note: This function can generate random values of the following types: Boolean, Byte, Currency, Date, Decimal, Double, Empty, Integer, Long, Null, Single, and String. Function returns Null if vVarType is the vb constant representing one of the supported data types.

    vbArray not supported.
    vbDataObject not supported.
    vbError not supported.
    vbObject not supported.
Note: When generating random strings, this function uses RandomIntegerWithinExpRange(0, 64, 2) to determine the length of the string, and it uses an alphabet containing every character whose ASCII value is between 0 and 255.

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