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Skew Excel Array Function
Math Statistics Class

Public Function SkewExcelArray( _
    ByRef vValues As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Returns the skewness of a distribution, as defined by Microsoft Excel.
More efficient version of the SkewExcel Function but with restrictions on the arguments it accepts.
The skewness characterizes the degree of asymmetry of a distribution around its mean.

    SkewExcelArray(Array(12, 34, 56)) = 0
    SkewExcelArray(Array(12, 34, 78)) = 0.935219529582824
    SkewExcelArray(SampleData) = 0.369981667557386
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    SKEW Function (Microsoft Excel)
vValues: Numeric-type array or Variant array containing only numeric elements. This function is NOT affected by the current setting of the StatVarType Property. It assumes that vValues is an array that contains only numeric elements.
Return value: Function returns the skewness of the numeric values. Function returns Null if there are fewer than three numeric values in the array, or if there is some type of error, such as if the argument is a Variant array which contains an Object reference or String.

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