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Geometric Mean Function
Math Statistics Class

Public Function GeometricMean( _
    ParamArray vValues() As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Geometric mean of positive numeric arguments.

    GeometricMean(12, 34, 56) = 28.3758837790029
    GeometricMean(SampleData) = 143.25252990045
See also:
    GeometricMeanArray Function
    HarmonicMean Function
    Average Function
    Median Function
    Mode Function
    StatVarType Property
    GEOMEAN Function (Microsoft Excel)
vValues: The values that are to be averaged. Can be numbers, one-dimensional numeric arrays, one-dimensional Variant arrays, one-dimensional Variant arrays with embedded arrays, or any combination of these. The current setting of the StatVarType Property determines which numeric data types are recognized by this function.
Return value: Function returns the geometric mean of the numeric values. Function returns Null if none of the arguments are numeric.

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