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Min Real Function
Math Reals Class

Public Function MinReal( _
    ParamArray vArgs() As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Minimum Of Real Numbers"
Return the minimum value of the numeric arguments.
The arguments must contain strings or numbers, but not both.
Function returns the leftmost of the minimum arguments.

    MinReal(23) = 23
    MinReal(23, 12) = 12
    MinReal(12, 45, 23) = 12
    IsNull(MinReal) = True
See also:
    MinRealVerify Subroutine
    Min2Real Function
    Min3Real Function
    MaxReal Function
vArgs: One or more numeric arguments, the minimum of which is returned. Function returns Null if there are no arguments.
Note: If all arguments happen to be strings, they will be compared using Binary comparisons.
Note: This function will generate an error if any of the arguments are not compatible, such as if one is a string and another is numeric.
Note: This function does not support three-valued logic. The behavior of this function is undefined if any of the arguments are Null.

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