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Declarations Section
Math Complex Class

These functions perform basic mathematical operations on real and/or complex numbers.
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See also:
    MathTrigComplex Class
    MathReals Class
    MathArithmetic Class
Real numbers like 0, 1, 4.56, etc. are represented by any of Visual Basic's numeric data types. Complex numbers are represented as strings of the form "A|B" where A represents the real part of the number and B represents the imaginary part of the number. "A|B" equates to the expression "A + B i" or "A + B * Sqrt(-1)". The functions may also return Null when arguments are Null or to indicate special conditions such as division by zero.

Reference: List of Visual Basic mathematical operators: + - * / ^ \

Reference: List of Visual Basic mathematical functions: Abs Atn Cos Exp Log Mod Rnd Sgn Sin Sqr Tan

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