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Resize Sub
Hash Table Class

Public Sub Resize( _
      ByVal vNumHeaders As Long _
    , ByVal vNumBuckets As Long _

Resize an existing hash table so that it has the specified number of header and data buckets.

Summary: You can improve the performance of some hash table operations by calling the Resize method to create a hash table that is large enough to store the maximum number of entries you expect will be required. This will allow you to avoid the automatic expansion that occurs whenever the hash table becomes full.
Example: Resize the hash table to make room for approximately 1,024 header and 8,192 data buckets:
       Dim htTemp As New HashTable
    for example
       htTemp.Resize 1024, 8192
vNumHeaders: The number of header buckets in the new hash table.
vNumBuckets: The number of data buckets in the new hash table.
See also:
    RemoveAll Method
    Contract Property
v1.5 Change: Changed this method to allow you specify both the number of header buckets and data buckets to be allocated.

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