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Add From Hash Table Sub
Hash Table Class

Public Sub AddFromHashTable( _
      ByRef vhtAdd As HashTable _
    , Optional ByVal vUpdateDuplicateKeys As Boolean = True _

Add all the Keys & Items from another hash table into the current one.
The hash table vhtAdd is not modified in any way.

       Dim htTemp As HashTable
       htTemp.Add "FunctionName", 23
       Dim htOther As HashTable
       htOther.Add "SubName", 24
    for example
       htTemp.AddFromHashTable htOther, True
       htTemp.Count = 2
vhtAdd: The hash table whose Keys and Items are added to the current hash table.
vUpdateDuplicateKeys: True if duplicate Keys should be prohibited by updating the existing Key with the a new Item value. False if new hash table entries should be created even if that results in duplicate Keys.
Note: This method uses the AddOrUpdate method to combine the hash tables if vUpdateDuplicateKeys is True, and it uses the Add method to combine the hash tables if vUpdateDuplicateKeys is False.
See also:
    Add Method
    AddOrUpdate Method
    Update Method
v1.5 Addition: This method is new to version 1.5 of Entisoft Tools.

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