End Function
FixUpVariantToStringFnRecursive FixUps Function -- Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library

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Fix Up Variant To String Fn Recursive Function
Fix Ups Class

Public Function FixUpVariantToStringFnRecursive( _
      ByRef rArgument As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

"Fix Up Variant To String Function Recursive"
Convert the elements of a Variant array to string values.
Function leaves string valued elements as-is,
and converts numeric or date type elements into string values.
Return False if any cannot be converted to a string.

See also:
    FixUpVariantToStringFn Function
Note: Function handles arguments containing nested Array-type Variant values.
rArgument: The argument which is converted into a string value, if possible. Function stops and returns False if any individual element cannot be converted, such as when the argument is missing, Null, an array, an error, or an object. Function returns True if all elements either had string values or were converted to string values.
Note: rArgument is a passed by reference, so the array passed from the calling function may be modified.
Note: Function silently ignores vbDataObject and vbObject type values.
v1.3 BugFix: Changed this function to correctly do nothing when the argument is of type dbDataObject.

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