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Set Variants Sub
Convert Values Class

Public Sub SetVariants( _
      ByRef rDest As Variant _
    , ByRef rSrc As Variant _

Sets one argument to the value of another.
Assumes that the arguments are of compatible types.

For example, the following types of arguments would be compatible:
    Integer and Variant with Integer value.
    String and Variant with String value.
    Double and Variant with Long value.
    Variant with Integer value and Variant with String value.
       Dim varOne As Variant
       Dim varTwo As Variant
       varOne = "1"
       varTwo = "2"
    for example
       SetVariants varOne, varTwo
       varOne = "2"
       varTwo = "2"
See also:
    SwapVariants Function
rDest: Value which is to be set to that of rSrc.
rSrc: Value which is to be copied into rDest.
Note: This function only modifies the rDest argument. rSrc is passed by-reference for performance reasons.
v1.3 Addition: This new Subroutine is used by the Stack data structure Class.

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