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Empty To Null Function
Convert Values Class

Public Function EmptyToNull( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Replace an Empty value with a Null value.
Leave all other types of values unchanged.

       Dim varEmpty As Variant
    for example
       IsNull(EmptyToNull(varEmpty)) = True
       IsNull(EmptyToNull(EmptyValue)) = True
       IsNull(EmptyToBlank(Null)) = True
       IsNull(EmptyToNull("Word")) = False
       IsNull(EmptyToBlank(123456)) = False
See also:
    EmptyToBlank Function
    EmptyToValue Function
    EmptyValue Property
vValue: The value which is to be changed from Empty to Null if appropriate. Function returns Null if vValue is an Empty Variant. Function returns vValue unchanged in all other cases.

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