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Make Double Fast Function
Coerce Make Class

Public Function MakeDoubleFast( _
    ByVal vValue As Double _
    ) As String

"Make String From Double (Fast)" or "Coerce Double To String (Fast)"
Coerce a Double (precision floating-point numeric) value into an 8-character string.
Return an eight-character string containing the in-memory representation of the Double value vValue.
Similar to coercing a double value into character string in the C language.
Faster version of the MakeDouble function which has restrictive argument types (to avoid argument fix-up overhead).

    MakeDoubleFast(0) = String$(8, 0)
    MakeDoubleFast(1) = String$(6, 0) + Chr$(240) + Chr$(63)
    MakeDoubleFast(2) = String$(7, 0) + Chr$(64)
    MakeDoubleFast(2.5) = String$(6, 0) + Chr$(4) + Chr$(64)
See also:
    MakeDouble Function
    CoerceToDoubleFast Function
    MakeDateFast Function
    MakeVarType Function
    LODWORD Function
    HIDWORD Function
vValue: The Double value whose bytes are to be interpreted as a string.

Note: This function converts the string representation of the value to Unicode using the default code page of the system.
v1.3 Change: Removed 16-bit support from this function.

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