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Sort Used Characters Function
Character Arrays Class

Public Function SortUsedCharacters( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Return a string containing each of the unique characters present in the input string.
Characters are returned in sorted order, and each character will appear at most once.
This function uses Binary sorting order, because of the algorithm.

    SortUsedCharacters("cbaABCCBA") = "ABCabc"
    SortUsedCharacters("CBACBA") = "ABC"
See also:
    SortCharacters Function
    UsedCharacters Function
    IntersectCharacters Function
    SortCharactersBinary Function
vValue: String containing the characters which are to be sorted based upon their ASCII values. Function returns Null if vValue is Null or cannot be fixed up to a String.

Algotithm: This algorithm sorts the characters through distribution counting.
Note: Function uses the ASCII value of characters to determine if they match, which is in effect the same as using Binary comparisons.
Note: Function currently only works for characters whose ASCII value is between 0 and 255, so it does NOT support UNICODE.

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