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Beep For Seconds Function
Basic Extensions Class

Public Function BeepForSeconds( _
    Optional ByVal vSeconds As Double = 0 _
    ) As Boolean

Beep for the specified number of seconds.

    ? BeepForSeconds(5)
See also:
    BeepEveryNthCall Function
    Beep Statement (Visual Basic)
vSeconds: The number of seconds for which this function will Beep. vSeconds defaults to 0 (zero) if it is missing.
Return Value: Function returns True if vSeconds is >= 0 (greater than or equal to zero) and it returns False otherwise.
Note: The function will Beep at least once even if vSeconds is 0 (zero).
Warning: This function does not work well with Windows environments where the Beep sound has been replaced by a multimedia sound, and the sound hardware is non-blocking (the sound hardware is decent)--it usually ends up sounding like a Max Headroom sample.
v1.3 Change: Changed the name of the argument, changed its datatype from Variant to Double, and specified a default value for it.

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