Hardcore Algorithms & SourceLinker

“Entisoft Tools dramatically reduced my development time.” — Brian Breidenbach, Thinque Systems Corp., Universal City, CA

Want To Slash Your Development Time And Dramatically Boost Your Productivity ?
As a professional Microsoft Visual Basic® or Office developer, chances are you often have to waste precious hours hunting down and debugging code from a variety of often suspect sources. And what busy professional really has time for that ?

Introducing Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0 —– Now With Over 1500 Functions and Subroutines!
Entisoft Tools Professional Edition 2.0 is far more than simply a VB add-on or a series of code snippets — it’s the complete function and data structure library for Microsoft Visual Basic and Office developers. Say goodbye to cutting and pasting bits and pieces of code — the vast library of over 1500 functions and subroutines is fully-compiled and ready to run. And, Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0’s revolutionary SourceLink Technology actually finds the right source code and automatically embeds it into your project, eliminating the need to include additional files or DLLs. With Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0, you’ll be working faster and far more efficiently than you ever thought possible!

Get Started Right Away — It’s Incredibly Simple to Use!
Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0 works just as if it were built into Visual Basic! The 1500 professional functions and subroutines integrate seamlessly with all aspects of Microsoft’s Visual Basic IDE, and provide you with an intuitive, extremely easy to use interface. Entisoft Tools Professional Edition 2.0 uses features you’re already accustomed to (like the Object Browser, IntelliSense, AutoCompletion and Windows Help) in order to make your programming job a snap — your learning curve is virtually zilch!

Here are just a few of the nearly 60 class modules
you’ll get with Entisoft Tools Professional Edition 2.0:

...and many more. Please see our Web site for the complete list.

Craft State-of-the-Art Applications and Hone Your Programming Skills
Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0 gives you the power to sharpen your competitive edge and get going now! This amazing new product contains over 125,000 lines of original documented source code developed by leading Visual Basic experts. Every line of code in the product is 100% complete, fully tested and extremely easy to use. Let these advanced data structures and class modules take your programming techniques to a new level; you can browse the source code for details on how to implement these powerful algorithms, or simply call the library functions directly for hassle-free programming. And Entisoft Tools Professional Edition 2.0 works with far more than just Visual Basic; you can use it with any of the Microsoft Office products, programming languages, Internet technologies —– in fact, with any ActiveX-compliant application.

The Bottom Line
If you use Visual Basic, then you can start using Entisoft Tools Professional Edition 2.0 right out of the box. Whether you’re a casual programmer or a world-class developer, we’re positive you’ll want to use Entisoft Tools Pro 2.0 on a daily basis. So buy it today — and start cutting through your programming work in record time!


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