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Welcome to the home page for Entisoft.  We are a California-based software company that specializes in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office-compatible software.  Our main product is a measurement conversion calculator for Windows named Entisoft Units.

Entisoft Units

Entisoft Units is our measurement conversion calculator for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.  By following these links, you can:

Orders & Information

Voice: 310-472-3736 or 310-472-3736
Internet Mail: 76605.3550@compuserve.com
CompuServe Mail: 76605,3550
Fax: 310-479-7948

Technical Support

Voice: 310-575-0142
Internet Mail: 73200.3207@compuserve.com
CompuServe Mail: 73200,3207
BBS: 310-575-4192 (2400-28800 bps)

Reference Information and Other Unique Offerings

Favorite Places

This is my short list of frequently visited sites.  It also includes links to some other Internet gems.

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