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Profile Section Name Property
Windows API Class

Public Property Get ProfileSectionName( _
    ) As String

Specifies the Section Name that will be used by the Profile functions when their vSectionName argument is missing or Null.
Get the current value of the ProfileSectionName Property.

See also:
    ProfileFileName Property

Public Property Let ProfileSectionName( _
    ByVal vSectionName As String _

Set the current value of the ProfileSectionName Property.

       Dim estWAPI As New WindowsAPI
    for example
       estWAPI.ProfileFileName = "Sample.Ini"
       estWAPI.ProfileSectionName = "Sample Section"
       estWAPI.WritePrivateProfileString("Convert From", "5 kilometers") = True
Warning: Be careful about using this Property if your program employs multi-tasking and the profile functions can possibly be called simultaneously from different parts of your program.

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