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LODWORD Function
Windows API Class

Public Function LODWORD( _
    ByVal vValue As Double _
    ) As Long

"Low Double Word"
Return the low-order double-word (4 bytes) of a Double (precision floating-point) value.
Return the Long (Integer) value whose in-memory representation is the same as the right-most, least-significant double-word of Double value vValue.

    LODWORD(1) = 0
    LODWORD(2) = 0
See also:
    HIDWORD Function
    LOWORD Function
    CoerceTwoLongsToDouble Function
    MakeDouble Function
    CoerceToLong Function
Note: Use the CoerceTwoLongsToDouble function to reconstruct a Double from two Long values.
Note: Similar to but faster than using the MakeDouble and CoerceToLong functions.

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