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DRIVE Constant To String Function
Windows API Class

Public Function DRIVEConstantToString( _
    ByVal vDriveType As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Return a word that describes one of the DRIVE Constants.

    DRIVEConstantToString(DRIVE_CDROM) = "CDROM"
    DRIVEConstantToString(DRIVE_FIXED) = "FIXED"
    DRIVEConstantToString(2938923) = "UNKNOWN"
    IsNull(DRIVEConstantToString(Null)) = True
See also:
    DRIVE_CDROM Property
    DRIVE_FIXED Property
    DRIVE_RAMDISK Property
    DRIVE_REMOTE Property
    GetDriveType Function
vDriveType: Numeric constant that describes a type of storage device. Function returns Null if vDriveType is Null or cannot be fixed-up to a number. Function returns the string "UNKNOWN" if vDriveType is not one of the valid drive type identifiers.

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